Property Law

Understanding Your Rights

If you are considering entering into a lease, whether as a tenant or a landlord, it is important to have the agreement reviewed by a lawyer. The property lawyers at Robson & Oliver Solicitors can help you understand your rights and obligations under a lease agreement and ensure that the terms of the agreement are fair and reasonable.

Our property lawyers can also assist with all aspects of buying or selling a commercial property and provide advice on all related legal aspects. Numerous traps can befall the unwary when dealing with leases and commercial property, so it is important to seek legal advice from a lawyer before entering into any agreement.

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Retail & Commercial Leasing

Without consulting a property lawyer, many people enter into retail and commercial leases without understanding their rights and obligations. This can often lead to disputes between landlords and tenants. While some disputes can be resolved without the need for legal action, others may require the intervention of a court or tribunal.

The property lawyers at Robson & Oliver Solicitors act for both landlords and tenants in retail and commercial lease disputes. We can assist with negotiating new leases and the review of existing leases. We also provide advice on other matters, such as subletting and insurance.

If you are involved in a retail or commercial lease dispute, or if you need advice on any other aspect of retail or commercial leasing, please reach out to us today to speak to one of our property lawyers in Coffs Harbour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Without a written lease agreement, you may be at risk of:

  • Not having a clear understanding of your rights and obligations as a tenant or landlord
  • Having to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of going to court to resolve disputes
  • Not being able to rely on any written evidence if you need to take legal action

Therefore, it is always advisable to have a written lease agreement in place. A property lawyer can assist you with this.

The landlord’s responsibilities under a lease agreement include maintaining the property in good condition and ensuring it is fit for habitation. The landlord must also ensure that the property complies with all relevant planning and building regulations.

It is vital to seek legal advice before signing any lease agreement. A lease is a binding contract, and once signed, you will be bound by its terms and conditions. A lawyer can advise you on the implications of the contract and negotiate on your behalf to ensure that the agreement is fair and equitable.

Some of the key terms that you should be aware of in a lease agreement include the length of the lease, the amount of rent, the method of payment, the repairs and maintenance obligations, and the right to sublet. A lawyer can advise you on the meaning and implications of these terms.

Achieving Positive Outcomes

When you choose Robson & Oliver Solicitors, you can be confident that you are dealing with knowledgeable property lawyers. We have a thorough understanding of property law, and we are passionate about achieving the best outcome for our clients.

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