Sale and Purchase of Business

Seamless Property Transactions

Whether you’re planning to buy or sell a business, navigating the commercial sector can be complicated. Our experienced solicitors can help you with all legal aspects of business sale and purchase, including business contracts, employment considerations, leasing and the impact of relevant legislation on your transaction. If you are looking for professional advice and guidance concerning buying or selling a business, contact one of our experienced solicitors today.

That’s where we come in. At Robson & Oliver Solicitors, our property lawyers can help you with all aspects of your sale or purchase, from negotiating the contract to settlement. We’ll make sure everything is done properly and take care of all the legal paperwork, so you can relax and enjoy your new home. Our property lawyers and conveyancers work together to provide a seamless service, so you can have peace of mind knowing your transaction will go smoothly.

If you’re looking for professional advice and guidance on buying or selling property in Coffs Harbour, Sawtell, Bellingen or the surrounding areas, contact us today.

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Buy & Sell with Confidence

It can be difficult to fully understand all the legal aspects of buying or selling property, which is why it’s important to seek professional advice. At Robson & Oliver Solicitors, our property lawyers can help you with:

  • Buying or selling at auction
  • Information regarding financial obligations (e.g., stamp duty)
  • Contract of sale negotiation & advice
  • Cooling-off period advice
  • Vacant land, rural property & strata title law
  • Title searches & land enquiries
  • Settlement & exchange
  • Advice for meeting lender requirements
  • Subdivision & property development applications

In the event that a problem arises with your transaction, we can also provide advice and representation in relation to breach of contract claims, neighbourhood disputes, and buying or selling under duress.

If you need help with any aspect of your property transaction, our team at Robson & Oliver Solicitors can assist you. Contact us today on 02 6653 1755 to arrange a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Property lawyers can offer valuable insights and assistance with your property dealings. They can help you understand the often-complex legal documents involved in buying or selling a property and can provide advice on how to protect your interests.

Buying property can be a complex process, and several potential problems can arise. These can include issues with the property itself, such as structural problems or defects or problems with the contract of sale. It is important to have a lawyer on your side who can help you identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

Yes, a property lawyer can assist you with your mortgage application and advise on the best way to structure your loan. They can also help you understand the terms and conditions of your mortgage and can offer advice on how to protect your rights if you default on your loan.

Yes, a property lawyer can explain the contract of sale to you and help you understand your rights and obligations. They can also negotiate with the seller on your behalf to try and reach a favourable outcome.

Personalised & Cost-Efficient Service

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, our team can provide the advice and assistance you need to make your property transaction a success. You can rely on us to deliver a personalised, high-quality and cost-effective service.

For more information about our property law services or to speak to one of our property lawyers, get in touch with us today.

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